How To Use A Lansky Pocket Knife Sharpener

A Lansky pocket knife sharpener isn’t difficult to use and is a must have tool for anyone who is interested in keeping their blades sharp and ready at all times.

This product was designed by a knife maker that has been in the knives sharpener making business for over 40 years. Our video below will show how to use it and also review the PS-MED01 BladeMedic sharpener.

The Lansky company is one of the best manufacturers of both types of knife sharpeners, for folding pocket and fixed blades knives.


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Lansky Pocket Knife Sharpener (Carbide, Diamond and Ceramic sharpeners)

how to use a lansky pocket knife sharpener

The use of a Lansky blade sharpener is easy. First, you do not need to remove the pre-mounted blade from the frame. This includes the thumb stud and the sheath that are typically attached to the handle of the knife.

You only have to slide the blade into the slot and manually turn the handle until it is parallel with the ground.

This is the first step when learning how to use a Lansky ceramic sharpener. It can take some practice before you are comfortable with this.

You want to make sure that the knife is centered with the spine pointing downward.

Easy Sharpening of Kitchen Knives With Lansky

sharpening kitchen knives with lansky

After you have ensured that the blade is centered, the next step is to hold the blade at an angle that is comfortable for you. This is usually between forty and fifty degrees from horizontal.

Some people prefer to hold their sharpener at an angle that is a little closer to the handle to maximize leverage and speed during the sharpening process.

Insert the blade into the slot and turn it counterclockwise. This will lock the blade in place until you let it slide out of the slots.

Next, you must insert the replacement blade into the same slots, but in a downward motion. You must rotate the blade in a counterclockwise direction until the blade catches the edge of the sharpener. You must allow the blade to spin through the opening before it releases.

Lansky Knife Sharpener Review

lansky knife sharpener review

After you have taken all of these steps, you are ready to take another look at how to use a Lansky knife sharpener. After you have released the blade, you can insert a safety pin into the slots.

Make sure that the pin is seated firmly into the slot. Then, turn the power on to the full mode and follow the same steps as you did in the previous step.

When you have completed the steps, you can test the blade by slowly bringing the blade around a 90 degree angle to ensure that it is sharp.

Lansky Blade Medic Review

lansky ceramic sharpener

Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic, 2-Pack

This Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic review gives insight into the Lansky Knife Sharpener offering which takes the basic knife sharpening method for all knives whether pocket, kitchen, tactical, survival or EDC a little further with a useful twist resulting in a super sharp blade that retains its sharpness for a very long time.

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The Lansky sharpening system

As part of any knife kit the Lansky sharpening system for a long time have been hailed as a reliable way to bring the sharpest edges back to knives, especially with its angle feature.

For a smaller EDC knife there’s the Blade Medic, which is easy to use and clean. This review takes a look at the PS-MED01 and a later one will look at the D-Sharp and how to use it.

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Lansky Sharpening System Instructions PDF

If you are looking for a Lansky sharpening system instructions PDF or a User Manual then this where you will go.

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The Lansky Sharpening System is a quality knife sharpener that can be used by amateurs and professionals alike. It uses a controlled angle system that have been cut into precise facets for perfect alignment and knife sharpening edge quality.

This is a much better alternative to what we have in the past, which was using a file or a flat stone with a little wedge to sharpen knives.

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History of the Company

The Lansky company was founded in 1980 by Richard J. Lansky, who studied engineering. He was very interested in doing something with knives and gemstones and decided he would build his own company so he could work on his interest full-time.

The business was a small operation for a while until he decided to expand his product line, which led him to hire employees. By the time the company had grown to employ over 200 people, it began to sell its product. Now, it is a worldwide known brand of high quality knife sharpeners.


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Materials Used by Lansky

Lansky also makes use of Carbide, ceramic, and diamond sharpeners in their sharpening system and their products. This method is considered to be somewhat effective, as it is used for many different tools and knives, including kitchen and EDC.

They are very easy to maintain and can be cleaned with water or a mild cleaning agents. They can handle all blade types because of no plastic parts on their tool sharpening.

The sharpening process is pretty straight-forward and easy and can easily done at home or out in the field.

If you plan to buy a set of Lansky knife sharpeners, make sure that they all use carbon fiber in their sharpening systems, as this is the most effective and safest way to sharpen knives of all types.

Lansky Blade Medic Review Video