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Bestselling Pocket Knives From Amazon 

Kershaw 6034 Emerson Designed CQC-6K

Kershaw 6034 Emerson Designed CQC-6K Knife…see price

Check out this guy;s pocket knives collection……

Take a look at some of the above knives which are on Amazon Bestsellers list

Knife featured in video collection
Spyderco Tenacious
Benchmade Model
FOX 599
ZT 0560
ZT 0801
CRK Umnumzaan
Kramer Reaper
Marfione Anax
CKF Decepticon
Carter DOCC
Hoback Kwaiback
Hoback A10
Weiland Proto
Yuna Hard 1
Bastian Wombat
Les Vor Model 15
Les Vor Longclaw
Doucette Armour
Shirogorov Cannabis
Fischer Battle
Phantom Steelworks DUB
CK Sinbad Flipper
Burke Dead Man Walking
Burke VSS
Vandermeulen Double Homicide
Deventer STF
Direware Solo
Medford Praetorian
Curtiss BMF XL
Crusader Forge Streetfighter
Fischer Archangel
Blackwood Bruiser
Rassenti Cleaver


How is Amazon Best Sellers Determined

Amazon best sellers are determined by a choice of the most popular sub categories in which the the item has a high ranking in relation to other items in that subcategory. The item’s rank is then shown on the product page.Just like its main Amazon Best Sellers list, these category rankings are based on sales and are updated frequently albeit every hour.

Although the Amazon Best Sellers list is a good indicator of how well a product is selling overall, it doesn’t match it sales against similar items. Category and subcategory best sellers lists were made to highlight the item’s standing in categories or subcategories where it excels or in others words where sales are outstanding.

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Finding Amazon Best Sellers Folding Knife

To find quality cheap pocket knives for sale on Amazon Best Sellers list, go to Amazon and type best sellers “pocket knives” in quotes in the search box. This will bring back all the best sellors in that category listed from 1-20. You can go to the bottom and see even more results. Twenty (20) are returned per page. Just replace the item as you wish for example “oprah’s book club”,”non-fiction best sellers”,”book club”,”toys”, “nonfiction”, “romance” or “kindle”. You can also try such terms as, “unique pocket knives”, “best pocket knife brands”,”antique pocket knife”.

Qualifying your searches like that will bring back more relevant search results therefore helping you find the best pocket knife in the world. Something like the Benchmade mini-barrage 585 or the American made Pocket Knife of 2015, the ZT Zero Tolerance 0999.Doing it this way guarantees not only that you will be seeing the Amazon Best Sellers but that you will also be buying the best pocket knife in the world.

Benchmade Mini Barrage BM-585 zero-tolerance-0999
Benchmade 585 Mini Barrage Zero Tolerance 0999 – Knife of the Year 2015 (US made)

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