Best Tactical Folding Knife

 The Best Tactical Folding Knife 2017 Review

Hoffman Richter Wolf Fixed Blade Knife with Belt Holder Sheath

Don’t be fooled by the looks this knife is big heavy and beefy. It is not super sharp out of the box but it will sure give you a very sharp edge when you are ready to sharpen it. As listed below it’s blade is made of titanium coated 440c steel which is very good for sharpening and edge retention. The blade is also half serated which allows for slicing and cutting through tough material. One of the hallmark of a good tactical knife. See owners reviews…

HR-15 Blade
HR-15 Blade

It also has spring assisted opening to give you lightening fast deployment allowing you to have your weapon ready in a flash. Added to that is a liner lock safety switch which should be standard on all quality knives. And always thinking of situations you may get in on the emergency side with your tactical maneuvers, there a 300lb cord tie and glass breaker.

open closing knife
Tactical knife action

The icing on the cake for this really great tactical knife is that it is fully protected by the Hoffman Richter Lifetime Guarantee. That the manufacturer is ready to stand behind their product and owner are sticking behind it with their reviews makes this knife one of the best tactical knife of 2017.

Here are the specs

.  TITANIUM COATED RAZOR SHARP STEEL – The Wolf uses high-quality 440C Steel, for a perfect balance of edge retention and ease of sharpening; The ultra-tough titanium coating ensures that it will last a lifetime
.  “UNBREAKABLE” 4″ LONG FULL TANG BLADE – This rugged 5.5mm thick drop point blade uses a piece of the best 440C stainless steel on the market, which means you won’t ever break it (but you’re welcome to try!)
.  300 POUND CORD TIE AND GLASS BREAKER – If you get into an emergency, the 300-lb rated cord tie and glass breaker on the handle could very well save your life
.  BONUS BELT SHEATH KNIFE HOLDER INCLUDED – With the included tough nylon sheath case (complete with belt loop!), your new knife is always ready at your side
.  LIFETIME GUARANTEE – Rest easy because your fixed blade knife is protected by Hoffman Richter’s Ironclad Lifetime Warranty; Their satisfaction and quality guarantee makes these tactical knives great gifts for family or friends, too….more specs here..


Hoffman Richter HR-15 Knife Handle
Hoffman Richter HR-15 Knife Handle
  • Extremely well built folding knife
  • Very sharp
  • Sturdy and functional
  • It’s solid and very strong
  • Craftsmanship is in a class of it’s own
  • Beautiful finish look, silky like satin
  • Heavy base and great action deploys quickly
  • Ironclad Hoffman Richter Lifetime Guarantee


Hoffman Richter HR-15 Tactical Folding Knife 2017
  • A little heavy for everyday carry
  • Pocket clip is flimsy
  • Edge needs maintaining
  • Tricky to close at first

We will bring our tactical fixed blade knives review soon.

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Choosing The Right Tactical Knife

When people hear the term tactical knife, they often think about combat knives issued by the military. This is certainly correct, tactical knives were often given to soldiers for close combat situations. However, there are currently many different types of tactical knives that can be used in many different situations, not just combat situations. With so many different types of knives out there, it can be a little bit difficult to pick the right one for your situation.

First of all, you still have some that are issued to military personal, and most countries have their own style they issue. These knives are very popular with collectors and people who enjoy military history. Military issued tactical knives are still used for combat purposes, but have been changed over the years to meet the needs of soldiers. This means they have many usages as a tool; they can cut rope, clear brush, cut firewood, and things of that nature. These knives have been adapted so farmers and outdoors men like them for practical purposes.

HR-15 Tactical Folding Knife 2017

There are different types of tactical knives, so here are some basic tips on purchasing the right one for you. Most people should purchase one that has a fold down blade. This makes them much easier to carry around, and much safer. The key is making sure the blade has a good lock mechanism, so that it will not slip out and cause damage to your body.

TIP! Keep in mind that everything and everyone that goes camping is going to get quite dirty. Being prepared for this will make sure you don’t stress too much when it occurs.

You can also purchase a single blade  knife that does not fold also called a fixed blade. Make sure you transport it in a sheath and that you keep the blade and sheath in good condition. These types of knives are great for hunting and camping, but are harder to transport. These are also great for protection while in the woods.

One of the big things you need to remember when buying any knife is to get a good quality blade and a good quality handle like the Hoffman Richter HR-15 . Tactical knives are no difference, and I recommend getting a good steel blade. There are numerous types of grips you can get, but a synthetic material that is durable is a good choice. This is because the grip will hopefully become less slick, and easier to hang onto during wet conditions. A slippery grip can cause a lot of injuries. Of course those synthetic grips do not look as nice as a wood or metal grip, but it will have to be a choice between practical usage and looks when deciding on the correct grip. The Hoffman Richter HR-15 is  the best tactical folding knife of 2017 in my opinion at the price so far.


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