How to Find a Cool Pocket Knife

If you are looking for a cool pocket knife, look no further. This article will give you some great tips to find one that you’ll love! We’ve listed the top six most popular designs, including the CRKT Outrage, Wenger Giant, and CPM 20CV. If you’re unsure about which one is best for you, we recommend the Carson flipper knife, which features a patented pivot lock system.

cool pocket knife

6 really cool pocket knives

  1. CRKT Outrage

  2. Wenger Giant

  3. LDT 0393 Folding Knife CPM 20CV

  4. Carson Flipper

  5. Spyderco Para Military 2

  6. James Brand Carter

CRKT Outrage

A no-nonsense, high-performance folding knife, the CRKT Outrage is one of the best and coolest options for everyday carry. This knife features a solid liner lock design, smooth IKBS Ball Bearing Pivot System, ambidextrous flipper and excellent geometry. Its modified drop point blade is capable of both cutting and piercing, and its aluminum handle has a textured finish that provides a firm grip and reduces slippage. It is lightweight and incredibly durable.

CRKT Outrage blue

This knife has a unique, slim design and leaves plenty of room in your pocket. The handle is long enough for large hands to comfortably hold it. This budget-friendly pocket knife is also made of D2 steel, a more prone to corrosion than S30V steel. Its blade also retains its edge better than most. There are many different sizes available. This knife is available in two different colors: black and silver.

The CRKT Outrage features a patented ball bearing system that allows rapid manual deployment. This high-quality ball bearing system also prevents blade sticking or failure to open fully. The blade is securely held in an open position, and the thumb ledge on the bottom of the blade makes it easy to close the blade quickly. And the solid steel liner lock makes the handle extra sturdy. CRKT Outrage cool pocket knife

Wenger Giant

The Wenger Giant is a very unusual SAK that was developed by Michel Champion. He designed the knife in order to include all of his essential tools in one model. The resulting Wenger Giant has 87 different tools and performs 141 different functions. Here are some facts about the Wenger Giant. A quick look at the history of the Wenger Giant will give you a good idea of its features.

Wenger Giant cool multitool

The Giant is so large it can be considered a Swiss Army Knife. It contains every tool that Wenger has to offer, and it can perform 141 different tasks. The Wenger Giant features an integrated flashlight, chain rivet setter, and mineral crystal magnifier. It also has a clipper for toe nails. The Wenger Giant was also a finalist for the Outstanding Technology of the Year Award in 2006.

This Wenger Giant is a retired SAK, but it is a popular one. It sold far more than anticipated, and the manufacturer is discontinuing the model. However, its popularity has made it a collector’s item, and the value of a Wenger Giant will probably increase over time. If you’re interested in buying a Wenger Giant, you can buy it on Amazon. It’s worth it, though!


A cool pocket knife should be functional and hygienic, and a CPM 20CV pocket knife meets these criteria. Featuring a high carbon content and a mixture of chromium and molybdenum, this knife is tough but soft. This combination of steels helps it retain its edge, while a high carbon content makes it ideal for use in food processing equipment. While its edge retention is not outstanding, it’s still a strong choice for general use.

CPM 20CV awesome pocket knife

A CPM 20CV cool pocket knife is made from super steel, a type of stainless steel that has excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance. It also weighs less than most other knives, making it a practical choice for everyday carry. The blade is 3.25 inches long, and its construction provides exceptional corrosion resistance and wear resistance. This knife comes with a reversible pocket clip for easy storage and deployment. While the blade is thin, it’s still robust and offers plenty of grip and heft.

The steel used to make this cool pocket knife is a proprietary alloy from Crucible Industries. Its composition is 1.9% carbon, 20.0% chromium, 1.0% molybdenum, and 4.0% vanadium. This combination provides excellent edge retention and toughness, making this knife a versatile choice for everyday carry. Among the best steels for knives, CPM-20CV is an excellent choice.

Carson flipper opening

The unique and innovative design of the Carson Flipper opens with a slight pressure on the handle. This flipper serves as a blade guard as you open the knife and keeps your fingers protected while you use it. The knife also features a black titanium nitride coating, an automated liner safety and a clip that lets you carry it with you. If you’re looking for a stylish pocket knife, this could be the perfect choice.

Carson Flipper knife

The knife features a weight-forward design, which means you can hold it comfortably without having to worry about the blade catching on your clothing. Moreover, it features an ambidextrous pivot lock mechanism, which makes it easier to operate. The blade itself is made of 7Cr17MoV steel, which is corrosion resistant and has a long life. A thumb-stud is also included. The knife is also lightweight, with a comfortable handle and a large choil for a four-finger grip.

Another cool pocket knife by Carson is the Kershaw. It features a black oxide finish on its blade and an ambidextrous thumb plate. The Kershaw blade features drop point steel and is partially serrated. The knife is also equipped with a flipper for easier opening. This cool pocket knife comes with an extra safety lock and an ambidextrous thumb plate. Some users have complained that the knife has a dull edge.

Carson locking liner safety

The Carson pocket knife has a flipper opening and a locking liner safety. The handles are durable aluminum, and the spear-point blade is made of stainless steel. The safety sets a pin between the locking linear and frame. This is particularly important to prevent accidental opening or a sharp edge. This knife also has a one-position stainless steel pocket clip. So, whether you’re on the go or simply want a stylish, reliable, and functional pocket knife, you’ll find it to be a great choice.

carson flipper linerlock knife

Unlike most knives, the Carson flipper deploys the blade quickly. This feature makes the knife much easier to use than a standard linerlock knife. The knife is also more reliable than a traditional pocket knife. It can also be easily locked and opened with the push of a button. Its locking liner is less likely to fall out during use, thanks to a pin between the locking liner and the knife frame.

If you’re on the hunt for a high-quality pocket knife, you can’t go wrong with a Kersteader. This folding knife from Kersteader has a surprisingly attractive finish that makes it easy to carry and use. In an emergency, the knife stays open with its SpeedSafe technology. Its liner-lock technology keeps it open even when you’re in the thick of it.

Spyderco Para Military 2

The Spyderco Paramilitary 2 pocket knife is made from high-quality cpm-s30v steel. This steel is known for its durability and ability to hold an edge for a long time. As such, it is an excellent choice for any outdoor activity. This knife is also able to cut through a variety of materials, including wood, rubber, and plastic. Its blade also comes with a handy clip that makes opening and closing easy.

Spyderco Paramilitary 2 knives really cool

The Spyderco ParaMilitary 2 weighs 3.75 ounces and feels firm in the hand. The thumb hole is large and the locking mechanism is a compression lock. The blade is well shaped and retains its edge well. The pocket clip has four different mounting options and offers good retention. Overall, this pocket knife is a great option for every day use. You will be glad you bought it.

It features a slim profile and narrow end. The handle design is less angular in the closed position, removing uncomfortable angles that can occur with other pocket knives. This Spyderco Para Military 2 pocket knife is equipped with a patented Compression Lock mechanism and a 4-position pocket clip. A steel full flat blade and textured G-10 handle are also key features. And with the Para Military 2’s patented Compression Lock mechanism, it is a great option for anyone who needs a reliable pocket knife.

Carter pocket knife

The James Brand Carter is a versatile, lightweight, and comfortable pocket knife. Its sleek design, minimalist styling, and modern hardware make it perfect for everyday carry. Its VG-10 stainless steel blade offers corrosion resistance and edge retention. The Carter also features a thumb disc and a sliding lock for easy one-handed deployment. The James Brand Carter is available online. The Carter is available in either black or blue, but promotional pricing is not available for the Black and Blue colorways.

james brand carter G10 blade

The Carter comes with an optional lanyard clip, and is designed to position itself low in your pocket. It has an adjustable lanyard loop and a simple sliding lock mechanism that is made by Benchmade. The Axis Lock mechanism is patented by Benchmade. This pocket knife is perfect for those who do not want to dangle their wallets everywhere. Its price is $139. And it is worth it, since it’s so functional, so you won’t have to worry about losing it.

A top-of-the-line pocket knife can cost hundreds of dollars, but it’s worth the money if you want to get the best quality blade for the price. If you aren’t ready to spend that much on a pocket knife, the Carter may be a good first step. It is the gateway to more expensive, luxury knives, and it’s a great starter knife for beginners. With many great features, the Carter is an excellent value and will last for years.