5 Cool Pocket Knife Tricks Videos

Don’t Try This at Home – Are you kidding me? 

Here are some of the coolest folding pocket knife tricks you will come across. Now remember that you have to practice and practice with a butterfly knife before you want to perform these tricks in front of anyone. Anyone with a Balisong knife trainer can practice and master these tricks in time.

Now whenever you use a knife be prepared to get a little nip here and there. I am saying that because any injuries caused by doing these tricks are at you and not this site or the makers of the videos.

1. Butterfly knife tricks for beginners

2. Double Butterfly Knife Tricks

Two knives at once


3. How to do butterfly knife tricks easy beginner


4. How to open a butterfly knife for beginners


5. Best butterfly knife trainer at Amazon

Watch the video to see which knife is right for you…

Best butterfly knife trainer Amazon

Also have a look at some of the other videos which looks at things like self defense with a pocket knife, knife versus gun and some pretty ladies throwing knives. More videos will be coming soon.

You can go here to see some of the knives used…..click here to see them.

Review Knife Throwing 101 – Mythbusters Discovery 

Watch out guys these ladies are deadly knife throwers by day or night…

Deadly Knife Throwing Women Knife Throwing Women

What do you think? Some really cool videos showing some pocket knives tricks and other knife stuff, gonna take out my Butterfly and practice.