What is the Hook For on a Swiss Army Knife?

The hook on a Swiss Army knife is not only useful for carrying a parcel wrapped in string, but it is also an effective fishing lure. Whether you are out camping or building a shelter, the Swiss Army knife’s hook can come in handy. Here are some examples of its uses: to hang a kettle over a campfire, to fish with, or to pull a thread through a tight spot.

One of the more popular uses of the Swiss Army Knife’s hook is to snip string. The thin end of the hook is held with two fingers or a hand, to prevent string from catching the fingers. Other uses include plumb bobs, hooks for fishing, and pulling thread through a tight spot. In addition to these practical uses, the hook on a Swiss Army Knife can also be used as a bobbin and plumb lining, or as a fishing lure. Finally, it can be used to pull a thread through a tangled situation.

The Swiss Army Knife hook has many practical uses. In the US, it’s used for parcels tied with strings, and the knife is a convenient handle for these packages. The hook also serves as a plumb bob and fishing lure. It can even be used to pick up wire-wrapped hay bales. In fact, the Swiss Army Knife is so versatile that it has been incorporated into the design of the Victorinox factory near the Ibach pasture.