How to Tell How Old a Case Knife Is

Have you ever wanted to know how to tell if a case knife is an antique, or if it’s a fake? Unfortunately, there isn’t a perfect method for doing this. However, there are a few things you can look for to determine authenticity. Below are some tips on how to tell if the blade is an original, or a fake.

Antique blades can be bought at auctions, flea markets, and sometimes even estate sales. If you see a knife that you think may be an antique, ask the seller to give you documentation of the knife. If they don’t have the proper documentation, or cannot produce any, then this knife is most likely a fake. If a seller cannot provide this documentation, or won’t show it to you, then this knife is most likely an antique. It’s not hard to tell, just test the knife.

Another way of telling how old a case knife is to take it to an appraiser. Appraisers work in the industry, and understand how to look at cases to determine its age. They will most likely be able to tell you how old it is based on the damage that is visible. So if you’re looking to buy an antique, or a well made knife, you should ask the seller to obtain documentation for the knife, or find an appraiser who is willing to judge the knife based on its current condition, rather than the past.