Tanto Blade Vs Drop Point

When it comes to the choice between a tanto blade and a drop point, the answer depends on your needs. A tanto blade is designed for precise cutting, and a drop point is ideal for general use. But, what about all-around cutting? When the task calls for a blunt edge, a tanto knife is the better option. It is also easier to sharpen, and its shape is best for skinning and poking.

Although the tip of a drop point blade is blunt, this does not mean it is useless for poking and stabbing. A drop-point blade is less effective in slashing and requires a thicker stock. A tanto blade with a large enough diameter is the best option. It’s not a perfect match, but a double-edged tanto beats a drop point every time.

The drop point knife is more suitable for general use while a tanto knife has a curved tip. If you need to cut through hard objects, a tanto blade is the right choice. If you prefer whittling, a drop point knife will do the job better. While a tanto knife can be used for this task, it is not suited for general use. It is only suited for special occasions.