How to Throw Throwing Spikes

A good starting point to learn how to throw throwing spikes is to stand with your right foot two feet behind your left foot. Your heels should be aligned and your right arm should be pointed forward. Next, bend your front knee and keep your back knee flexible. Finally, hold your throwing spike in your right hand like a hammer, and place your thumb along its side. Your body should remain still while you are releasing the spike.

To throw a throwing spike, first learn the stance. It is very similar to how to throw a ball, but the two different styles of holding a spike are different. You want to position your left foot directly over your right toe, while your right foot should be back and perpendicular to the line you are standing on. Then, with your right hand, hold your spike with your palm facing up. This will allow you to keep your wrist straight, and your arms should stay relaxed.

The next step is to choose a type of spike. A lightweight throwing spike is much easier to control than a heavy spike, and they are more dangerous than knives. The best throwing spike is one with weights. If you can’t find a lightweight spike, try holding a knife instead. It will work much better, and it will allow you to hit your target without a lot of spin. The Cold Steel version is one of the best and has two points on either end. This will give the throwing spicule extra sticking power.