The History of Edge Brand Knives

The history of Edge Brand Knives is a fascinating one. The company began in 1899 in Ostnor, Sweden, and by 1912, there were over forty member companies, employing more than 200 people. In the early years, the knife manufacturer had trouble competing with utility knives, and it considered moving to North America, but eventually made the decision to stick with his roots. Today, the history of the Edge Brand Knife Company is as interesting as its products.

In 1986, mechanical engineering student David Bloch began developing the first knife for his business, the senior. He later formed Outdoor Edge and released the Game Skinner at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Since then, the company has been growing steadily into a leading brand of replaceable blade knives, game processing sets, and hunting knives. Its CEO David Bloch has been the head of the brand for 33 years. And he has a long history of innovation.

The company’s first knife was released in 1986. The company quickly became popular, and Bloch went on to launch an expanded line of knives. In 1988, he launched the brand, including its popular Game Skinner, at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Since then, the company has grown to be a leading manufacturer of hunting knives, game processing sets, and replaceable blade knives. And Bloch, who founded the company in 1989, has served as the brand’s president for the past 33 years.