Pennsylvania Knife Laws – How Old Do You Have to Be to Carry a Knife in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania has knife laws to protect its residents from violent crime. However, owning and carrying a knife is not illegal in Pennsylvania. The state has an offensive weapon statute that makes it against the law to carry knives and other bladed weapons on school grounds. Minors can only purchase a knife with written permission from their parents. This is a good idea when planning a weekend getaway or a vacation with family and friends.

The laws governing knives in Pennsylvania differ from state to state, and knife ownership varies from state to province. While the Pennsylvania knife laws allow any type of knife, it is essential to carry a knife with caution and knowledge of the law. If you are caught carrying a knife while carrying a gun, you may be subject to serious felony charges. Fortunately, Pennsylvania does not have any knife laws that prevent you from having a knife, but the state’s governing body has a strict policy on the possession and use of knives.

There are no age limits for carrying a knife in Pennsylvania, but you should remember that you cannot carry a knife unless it is in your possession. It is not legal to carry a pocket knife outside the home, and if you do, you can face felony charges. There are some exemptions to this law, though. As long as you carry your knife properly, you are allowed to own and carry a knife.