Spyderco Pocket Knife – Know Your Spyderco Knifes

Spyderco pocket knives have become the most sought after knives in the market today. Their versatility and usefulness make them the ultimate choice when choosing a knife. They are made by Spyderco, a well-known knife making company, based in California. SPYDERCO Pocket Knife’s fame is internationally famous for its small size.

The trademark of Spyderco pocket knives and Spyderco pen Knives is innovative, sawn folding mechanism, invented the method of opening the knives by utilizing only a single hand. The materials which it uses are all top quality and are specifically chosen for the specific purpose which is now going out into the market to be awarded to each model. The blades are precision heat treated so that they will last longer, and not wear off too soon. Other than the blades, other important components of these knives are the handles, which has great strength and gripping surface, as well as the lock mechanism, which enables to keep the blade locked when you are in use.

As these are used in different occasions, the Spyderco brand offers a variety of models, such as the Spyderco Mineloader, Spyderco Buckler, Spyderco EDC, Spyderco Swiss Diamond and much more. These Pocket knives are available both in Retail and online shops. The retail versions are available at most major department stores, such as Walmart, Target, K-Mart and even Bed Bath & Beyond. The online stores carry many more Spyderco pocket knives such as the Spyderco Buckler, Spyderco EDC, Spyderco Minelock, Spyderco Swiss Diamond, FNC Flush Trigger, Remington Buckler, and the Remington Sage.

The Spyderco brand of pocket knives is popular with people from all walks of life, including law enforcement, military, security personnel, and everyday people who use knives for different purposes. These knives come in different sizes, designs and brands. One of the best selling brands is the Spyderco brand that is very popular because of its good quality, long-lasting blade and innovative design that can fit in any pocket and at any occasions. Some of these penknives include:

Among the Spyderco pocket knives are categorized according to their blades and the structure of the handle. Some examples of blades include single edged, double edged, dull edge, dull high carbon, modified edge, modified dull and some others. Among the handle, there are those which are ergonomic in design such as the traditional box knifes. In addition, some of these penknives are made using high quality leather or other materials.

Most of these blade types have certain Spyderco pocket knife characteristics like the tension system, the blade locks and safety mechanisms. However, you need to properly lock the blade to ensure safety. You also need to check the overall durability of the Spyderco pocket knives. Overall, the blade characteristics, the overall quality of the Spyderco brand and its great price tag are some of the factors that make it a popular choice among users and consumers alike.

Kershaw Buck Knives – The Best Pocket Knife Of All Time?

If you’re looking for a new knife, it’s hard to go wrong with the Pro Logic Buck Knife. Popular among outdoors enthusiasts and weekend warriors, the Buck 110 really morphs into an old-time wilderness tool (one of our editors’ considers it the best pocket knife of all time). Whether you’re out to climb, surf, hunt or backpack, this is the perfect EDC for anyone interested in rugged knives.

What makes the Buck different from other pocket knives? The first thing that sets it apart is its size. While other brands are folding knives, which are great for a quick on the go buy, but are useless when you need to carry it in your pocket for hours, the Buck delivers in both areas. It’s the perfect choice if you’re longing to revisit your childhood wilderness adventures or just want to re-enact your adventures in a modern day setting. Another advantage of the Buck is that the blade is not only one solid blade, but it also doubles as a folding knife. All you need is a simple act of folding it up and you have an easy to carry, compact, and efficient modern everyday carry folding knives.

Folding action The blade is easily opened using either a button or a thumb depressor. The overall design does make it a bit awkward to open and close, but we can’t fault The Pro Logic Buck for a great job on this task. The lockup is adequate, and the overall construction is rock solid. The knife did require a decent amount of force to open it (6.5 inches) but we weren’t able to test it at the widest angle.

Overall Length The overall length of the knife is about two and a half inches which is very average for a pocket knife. The length can be changed by adding an extra clip point or by having a bolster added. Either way, the overall length will stay fairly standard which isn’t bad at all considering it’s a pocket knife. The blade is also long enough for most uses and the handle material is comfortable for most people.

Features A couple of unique features include the fact that the blade locks into place instead of an opening hinge like most traditional designs. This is a nice feature if you have larger hands since there is no issue with the knife getting caught on clothing or whatever you happen to be doing. It also locks in the handle rather than a traditional clip which is also nice. Some people may not like the fact that it doesn’t open automatically, but that’s a minor gripe. In the end, I’d say the overall features are well worth it for the price of the Kershaw Buck knives.

Size And Weight Since it’s a pocket clip knife, the size is going to be an important consideration. A big difference between these types of knives is how long they are going to be able to be carried in your pocket. While a traditional pocket knife can be carried in your pocket for a long time, these are smaller so they won’t be able to be carried long time. You’ll also want to make sure that the size of the blade is appropriate for what you’re going to be using it for. For instance, if you need something to open bottles for you, then you should go with a smaller blade.