13 Ways to Use the Hook on a Swiss Army Knife

The hook on a Swiss Army knife can be used for a variety of purposes. This multipurpose tool is also sometimes called a parcel carrier because it is useful for picking up things, like a hot pot or bottle. Although this tool is not as powerful as the dedicated puller, it can still be an effective tool. There are 13 ways to use it, but only a little bit of creativity will make you a pro at using it.

The hook is incredibly versatile. Its official use is as a package hook, which makes it legal to carry in the USA, but some Trekker models may be banned in their localities. It can also be used as a fishing lure, plumb bob, and to pull thread through tight spots. A Swiss Army knife can be used for any of these purposes and more!

The multipurpose hook is a common feature on most Swiss Army knives. Many models have this feature. This hook can be used for hauling heavy objects, such as hay bales, which can dig into your hands and cause pain. The Awl, which is shaped like a sewing needle, is another useful tool for pulling heavy objects through holes. Most SAKs have a hook on their side, but some models also have a nail file on the back.