Where Are United States Coins Made?

United States coins are a very special way to commemorate an event in our history. In the past we have had many coin collections, including those made for our first president. In this day and age having a collection of United States coins can be very rewarding. One of the things that you may want to do is to start a collection of your own and you will find that there are many places that you can buy your collectible knives. There are two main knife companies that make the blades for these United States coins; the makers of Old United States coins and those that make blades for collector type coins.

The makers of Old United States coins are actually two different companies, Gheber and Pierces. Gheber is the older of the two, but they make some very good knives with a great reputation. Gheber knives are made using traditional metal construction and their blades are made from high carbon steel. These types of knives make a nice gift for any collector, they are made by companies who specialize in making collectible knives.

The makers of collector type coins will make the actual design and shape from zinc and copper. The designs on these types of coins are usually very nice and unique and you will not find any cheaper than the ones that are made by Gheber. If you are looking for a quality set of collector cutlery then you will want to look at where are united states coins. There are a lot of great places to buy a knife that has been made by these two great knife makers.