Ergo Chef Crimson Knives Review

Ergo Chef’s Crimson Series of knives feature ergonomic handles made from G10 fiberglass resin and precision-ground to a razor sharp edge. They are precision-balanced and can fit into the included bamboo knife block for easy storage. The company also offers holiday sweepstakes and contests to win one of these amazing kitchen gadgets. You can find a great price on them and buy them for your family at a great price.

Each knife is made from high carbon German steel with special-ground, precision-sharp edges. The handle is made of G10, the world’s strongest plastic. The reddish wood-grain design is pleasing to the eye, and prevents hand strain. The blades have a stainless-steel coating and are stain-resistant. In our review, we found the Crimson Series to be very ergonomic and highly functional, and were happy with our purchase.

The Prodigy Series 8-inch Chef knife has the same ergo angled handle as the Pro Series. The blades are made of German X50 high-carbon steel. The handles have solid TRP non-slip grips. The Prodigy series 8-inch Chef knife is a large, heavy-duty blade made of high-carbon German steel. In addition to the angled blade, the Prodigy series has a wide, durable construction.