What is the Purpose of a Serrated Knife?

One question you may have is what is the purpose of a serrated blade. They are great for dragging an edge across food. When cutting bread, for example, a serrated edge grips the outer crust, making the initial cut easier. The unevenness on the blade incises the food, and it starts out in a parallel motion. It is important to note that even dull surfaces can be cut with a sharp serrated blade.

A serrated blade has a saw-like edge, and is intended to be used like a small saw. It is the ideal type of blade for cutting through a wide variety of materials, including belts and fabrics. However, while serrated blades can cut through softer materials like fabric, they can also easily unravel food. A serrated knife is best for cutting up soft materials, such as bread and cooked meat. These knives are also great for cutting through plastic wrap and soft fruit and vegetables. But be sure to check the materials you are slicing with it before purchasing.

While a plain-edge knife is better for cutting things, serrated knives have special uses. While they can rip, they are not necessary for cutting anything. For example, a serrated blade is useful for batoning wood, which requires a larger blade than a plain-edged one. Nevertheless, a serrated knife may cause the material to catch and bind easily.