A Brief History of Edge Brand Knives

Throughout the years, the Edge Brand Knives Company has grown to include several different areas. The company prides itself on innovation and bringing people up from the ground up. They offer a wide variety of products, from kitchen knives to outdoor tools. The history of Edge Brand Knives is as interesting as the products themselves. Here is a brief history of this iconic knife company. This article will highlight some of their most notable achievements.

Krang-Johan Eriksson was a mechanical engineering student when he started his knife production company in Ostnor, Sweden. He had previously worked at Frosts but was fired from the company when he realized that the knives he was making were inferior. He also considered moving to North America to make a better living, but instead decided to create his own knife factory with fellow engineer Lok-Anders Mattsson. The two men quickly grew the company into a leader in hunting knives and game processing sets. Today, the brand has over 33 years of history and is owned by David Bloch.

A brief history of Edge Brand Knives tells of the company’s growth from humble beginnings to an industry with global appeal. It started in 1899 and by 1912, the company had 40 member companies, employing 200 people. In 1910, the Higonokami Knife Union registered a trademark for the brand. The trademark was then restricted to members of the Miki Knife Manufacturers Association. Despite the success of the brand, the industry eventually suffered as utility knives became more common. Other competitors including electric pencil sharpeners also hurt the industry.