Tactical Team Self Defense and Security Knife Training

The Tactical Defense Institute (TDI) has released several different types of knives for everyday carry. The Investigator, a model that fits in a concealed carry pocket easily, is another good option. TDI has a very simple design that makes slashing, stabbing, and punching easy. They also come in different colors, from black to gold. You can also find them in different sizes, including combat boot knives.

The 88 Tactical knife training system does not focus on fighting with the blade, but rather a more realistic system for deploying the knife. RBBC, or reality-based conditioning, is the key to learning how to respond effectively to any crisis situation. It focuses on the student’s natural survival instincts to create the best possible response in a crisis. Students must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid I.D. in order to attend the class. Rental of the knife and sheath is required.

The 88 Tactical team’s course is not a traditional knife fighting course, but a tactical team self defense and security knife training system. The 88 Tactical team uses RBBC techniques to help students develop effective defense mechanisms and strategies with the weapon. RBBC trains students to respond to a crisis in a way that’s compatible with their natural survival instincts. To take the course, all students must have a valid government I.D. and a valid rental permit.