The History of Edge Brand Knives

If you’re curious about the history of Edge Brand Knives, you’ve come to the right place. The company started in 1899 and soon had forty member companies and over two hundred employees. By 1912, the Higonokami Knife Union registered the name Edge Brand and began limiting its use to members of the Miki Knife Manufacturers Association. Today, the company continues to innovate and produces knives in many different areas. The following information will provide a brief history of the company, its products, and how it started.

David Bloch was a mechanical engineering student who designed a senior hunting knife in 1986. After graduating, Bloch founded the Outdoor Edge company and debuted the Game Skinner at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Since then, Outdoor Edge has steadily grown into a leading brand of hunting knives, game processing sets, and replaceable blade knives. He has served as the company’s CEO for 33 years and is a lifelong outdoorsman.

One of the most notable knives in the history of edge brand knives is the Jim Bowie. Although the knife bears his name, he had little input in the design. It was made by a blacksmith named Black. Some sources claim that it was inspired by a Native American meteorite. Regardless of its origin, the company continues to produce high-quality edge brand knives to this day. And that’s not all! The company’s name also has an interesting story behind it.