Tanto Blade Vs Drop Point

The debate between tanto blade and drop point is one of the oldest in Japanese martial arts. The Western tanto has a reputation for being able to cut through thick material with ease, and is often used in combat situations. Its tacticool design makes it a good choice for everyday use. But is it better than the Japanese version? Which is better? Let’s take a look at both types and weigh the pros and cons.

Tanto knives are typically stronger at the tip, making them better suited for slicing. However, the edge of a drop point blade varies and is not as uniform as a tanto blade. Both are effective in different situations, and you should choose a knife based on your intended purpose. If you’re looking for an EDC knife, the Tanto is probably the better choice.

While both styles have their benefits, they can have slightly different uses. While a drop point knife is superior at cutting meat and chopping wood, a tanto blade has a much broader range of utility applications. A drop point knife can break down a box or pierce thick materials. Its chisel-like tip also makes it better for scraping and removing splinters.