Sog Mini AEGIS For Sale – What It Can Do

The Sog Mini AEGIS for sale is definitely one of the top AEG machine out there. It can handle almost any airsoft situation that you can throw at it and come with some really cool add-ons that are used with it. These AEGs have been manufactured in Germany and resemble a real gun from the past. Some of the features that this machine has include an automatic firing rate of 700 rounds per minute, a hop-up, a carrying handle, a side-rail grip, a belt clip, an electric recharge, and a hi-cap magazine. In order to shoot this mini AEGIS effectively, you must learn how to use all of these different parts of it properly.

One of the main differences between this gun and other mini AEGs is the fact that it comes with its own carrying handle and butt pad. This makes it much easier for you to carry and not have to worry about additional pieces falling off of your AEG. It also adds a nice little feature to make sure that your finger holes are drilled in the correct position. One of the downsides to this gun is that it does not have as much storage space as other AEGs have. The guns have a small clip that stores in the front of the butt pad and will allow for you to load up on more BBs if needed, but does not have the same amount of storage as other models.

The Sog Mini AEGIS has a unique handle, which looks like a typical laser pointer. Because of this it is commonly used as a training model for military and law enforcement personnel. The red laser pointers have red laser markings on them and are attached to the handles by a spring or similar means. When you press the red laser pointer against the trigger the laser will be reflected onto the target and will cause the AEG to shoot out a high velocity bolt of ammunition. The scope on this model is also unique and can not be found on any other models of these AEGs.