Schrade Tactical Team and Security Knife – Why You Need One

The tactical knives that have become so popular in recent years for use by military and law enforcement personnel are great for any number of reasons. First, they are designed for multipurpose use, which means that they can be used for a number of different things, from the simple act of cutting through objects to the complex act of assembling a team of attackers into a functional team that has a strong chance of defeating the enemy. These knives do not need a lot of training or expertise to use, which means that even individuals who are not particularly adept at using regular knives can use them very effectively. In fact, they can be incredibly lethal, especially when they are used in combination with each other.

One of the main differences between a tactical knife like a Schrade tactical team knife and a regular pocket knife is the design of the handle. While the former has a flat blade that is designed specifically for use in close range combat, the latter has a back-up blade that is designed to use when the first blade is rendered useless. When these two blades are combined together, the result is a double-edged blade that is capable of delivering a serious injury to an attacker, but it will also have the advantage of having a ready, second blade that can be used to deliver an even more efficient attack.

This makes the Schrade tactical series of knives extremely valuable for anyone who is interested in personal protection, including law enforcement and military personnel. These knives are also highly popular among everyday people who want to be able to defend themselves in situations where they must quickly apply the necessary force against an assailant. They are perfect for women who want to keep a safe distance from a potential attacker, or they are great options for men who prefer to carry a small, lightweight self defense weapon for when they need to get in a sparring match with a friend or a companion. Even if you only use your knife occasionally for these activities, you should still make sure that you are investing in one, since these are not uncommon attacks that end up with serious bodily injury. If you are concerned about protecting yourself in these situations, you simply cannot afford to be without a good tactical knife.