How to Close a Switchblade – Two Simple Steps

How to close a switchblade is a common question that many people who own switchblades wonder about. You see, there are many reasons that a blade could fall into the wrong hands; most notably, if it gets caught up in the bar of a pocket while it’s not in use. This means that when you’re not looking, the blade will be out of its sheath and can easily be opened by somebody. However, what makes this problem so dangerous is that there are many people who are carrying switchblades without any kind of sheath or string at all. This can make them much more likely to end up injured. If you ever need to know how to close a switchblade knife, you need to make sure that your are not doing it while your blade is open.

The first step that you need to take when learning how to close a switchblade is to find a good comfortable pair of gloves. You want to make sure that they are thin enough to wear comfortably without feeling too restricting. After you’ve gotten over the knife bit, you will then need to focus on making sure that your hand is closed properly. This means that you don’t have your thumb hanging out of the sheath area, your fingers should be lined up tightly against the handle, and that your palm is also pressed against the handle. When you get down to it, this really is the easiest way of how to close a switchblade.

The second step involves getting your hand underneath the blade. To do this you will need to either tuck your fingers behind your elbow or move them to one side to allow them to grip the blade a little better. Once you have your hand underneath the blade you will then need to either turn your wrist or pull back on the handle to close the blade. The best way to learn how to close a switchblade like this is to practice until you have it down, which shouldn’t take long with practice.