Hunting a Great Outdoor Activity

Invigorate Your Life With Some Good Hunting

Many people scoff at the idea of going hunting and truth be told I used to in the earlier part of my life. There are many reasons why this happens and to be honest I can’t blame the squeamish for their reaction.

However, I have gotten over it and just the experience of going hunting on just one occasion made me a true believer.

Now with some good gear, a couple really cool pocket knives and my trusted gun, I am off to the races as the saying goes.

Many times when I return the wife is like “Honey what did you bring me back? This is usually said with a certain degree of sarcasm. She belongs to the squeamish majority. Continue reading…

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Hunting Pocket Knives Comparison Chart





Legal (US)



 Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS M&P Linerlock

Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS M&P Linerlock

3.6″   5.0″  7.4 ounces  Yes  See

536 customer reviews

 Gerber Paraframe Mini

Gerber Paraframe Mini Knife  (S, M, L size)

3.5″  4.75″  4.3 ounces  Yes  See

436 customer reviews

 Kershaw 6034 Emerson Designed CQC-6K

Kershaw 6034 Emerson Designed CQC-6K

 3.25″   4.5″  N.S  Yes  See

 267 customer reviews
 1 X GOLD Milano Handle & Blade Godfather

1 X GOLD Milano Handle & Blade Godfather

 5.6 ounces  Yes  See

572 customer reviews

 Schrade Viper 3

Schrade Viper 3

 3.5″   5″  NS  Yes  See  3 and a half stars

188 customer reviews
 SOG Specialty Knives & Tools KEY-108

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools KEY-108 (blue, brass, black, pink colors)

 1.5″  2.5″  0.7-Ounces  Yes  See

1,138 customer reviews
 Columbia River Knife and Tool M16-10KSF Special Forces

Columbia River Knife and Tool M16-10KSF Special Forces

 7″ Overall  –   2.7-Ounce  Yes  See

79 customer reviews

Benchmade 555HG Pardue Design Mini-Griptillian

Benchmade 555HG Pardue Design Mini-Griptillian

  2.91″  3.87″  2.56 Ounces  Yes  See  

91 customer reviews
Boker Plus 01BO605 CLB Subcom Titan VG-10

Boker Plus 01BO605 CLB Subcom Titan VG-10

1-7/8″ 2.72″ 2.3 Ounces Yes See
18 customer reviews

Buck Knives 0847 Vantage Black Tactical Serrated

Buck Knives 0847 Vantage Black Tactical Serrated

3-1/4″ 4-3/8″ 4.6 Ounces Yes See

9 customer reviews

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NS – Not stated

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Let me tell you now, I don’t lose any sleep over having shot a deer, wild hog, turkey or anything of the sorts while I am out hunting because if these critters had the upper hand like we humans do, they would kill us just the same. Now getting back to the point where I stated that hunting was a great outdoor activity, I look at it in several ways. I will just examine a few that really gets my adrenaline pumping.

The preparation for the trip

It is said that women love shopping and that is true but I think that my love for a hardware store, gun or knife shop far outweighs any woman including my wife’ love of shopping. I feel like a kid in a candy store when I am examining camping gear. Equally so, when I have to decide which hunting equipment is best suited for the animal that I will be hunting. dream hunting rifleI usually rifle through so many items before deciding, it’s a shame.

I examine the knives and ask myself are these the best pocket knives? Or would this cool one do? By the time I finally made my decision and leave the store, the Clerk is happy, my wife is happy and I am cock-a-whoop.

The Outdoors

As a person who grew up in the country and left to reside in the city, no one I feel but the person experiencing it can describe the feeling one gets by being in the great outdoors. If you lived in the city all your life and never been in the wild, then my friend you don’t know what you are missing.

Now don’t get me wrong I know some of you city folks will say but we have parks. Nothing wrong with that but I am talking wild untamed nature.great outdoorsI am talking the sound of the birds, the trees, the wind, insects and all other sounds that Mother Nature can conjure up.

Then there is fresh air, so clean and crisp that you are breathing it like a glutton at an all you can eat buffet. Pure ecstasy.

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The Hunt

I started here and this is where I will end. Now you look for your quarry, you stalk it. You freeze when it does and resume your stalking activities when it have resumed what it was doing. You hunker down in some camouflage clothing waiting for that right shot. You hold your silence as if just a whisper will be deciphered from the cacophony of noise around causing your prey to flee. Then the moment comes and bam! You bag your prey. I love hunting and so should you.

Hunting Stereotypes

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