How to Make a DIY Lanyard

To create your own custom diy lanyard, you’ll need to braid a length of cord and tie a knot. Next, you’ll need to secure the lanyard hook. Once you have the hook secured, you can thread the strands of fabric to create your own lanyard. These steps are easy to follow and will help you create the perfect lanyard for your needs. If you’re having trouble, read this article for some tips.

how to make a diy lanyard

Steps to make a diy lanyard

  1. Braiding a lanyard cord
  2. Lanyard tie knot
  3. Secure a lanyard hook
  4. Threading lanyard strands
  5. Finishing a lanyard

How to braid a lanyard cord

To make a DIY lanyard, you’ll need a length of paracord approximately twice as long as you’d like it to be. Start by doubling the length of the cord, preferably on a sturdy nail. This will form the core of the lanyard. The remaining 90 feet of cord should be positioned behind the core, with the ends secured with rubber bands. Use square knots to tie around the core. Be sure to bring the right knot to the left side of the core strands. After you’ve finished braiding the cord, you can begin attaching it to the carabiner.

braid a lanyard cord

Make sure the cord is three to four feet long. Choose a different color if possible. Then, braid the two cords in a circle. Pull the loops of the circle through each other, double over the strands and draw them up towards the center of the lanyard. Repeat this process until you’ve used up all the material. Once the lanyard is complete, you’re ready to wear it.

How to make a lanyard tie knot

In this article I’ll walk you through the steps to create a DIY lanyard tie knot. The steps are pretty simple, but it’s always good to have a little help. If you’re not sure what to do, you can use pictures. First, cut the Paracord. Then, make a bight from the end of the cord. Next, you’ll make a decorative knot. You’ll then use a flame from a lighter to tie a lanyard knot.

lanyard tie knot

To make the snake knot, begin by folding your fabric in half. Then, fold it in half again and place a lobster clip at one end. Then, sew along the raw edges. Make sure the seam allowance is about 1/4 inch or six millimeters. Once the loop is complete, remove the clips and cut the excess cord. If the ends are fraying, melt them with a lighter before you close the loop.

How to secure a lanyard hook

How to secure a ring or a lanyard hook to a keychain or a pocket? To make your DIY lanyard more secure, you need to know how to properly install a lanyard hook. Lanyard hooks are usually attached to zipper pulls, key rings, and other items. The lanyards themselves are made of string and should be secure in order to keep the device safe.

lanyard hooks

To make a DIY lanyard, gather two lengths of material. It should be three to four feet long, preferably in different colors. Then, double over these strands. After double strands are arranged, place a lanyard hook in the center and draw it up through the loops. Once it’s securely attached to the keychain, use the scissors to trim the extra cord strands.

How to thread lanyard strands

In order to make a DIY lanyard, you’ll need two strands of material, each about three to four feet long. Make sure they’re different colors, and double over them to form a loop. Thread the lanyard hook through the center of both strands, then pull them tight and trim them to length. Once you’ve made a custom lanyard for yourself or a friend, here are the steps you should follow.

kinds of lanyard strands

First, you need to fold your lanyard fabric in half or quarters. Attach a lobster clip at one end. Sew the loop closed with a 1/4 inch or six mm seam allowance. Repeat the process with the other end. When you’re done, you’ll have a lanyard that looks professional and elegant. After you’ve made it, be sure to keep it symmetrical by securing it with a keychain or clip.

How to finish a lanyard

Whether you’re making a DIY lanyard for a key chain, belt loop, or water bottle, you can always use a lanyard to hang your stuff. Here are some tips for finishing your lanyard. First, make sure that all strands are the same length. Next, you need to knot them all together. If you’re using more than two colors, make sure you wrap the strands around the other side of the strand.

how to finish a lanyard
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Next, you’ll want to finish the lanyard by adding a clasp. Place the clasp near the seam where you joined the short ends of the strap. Pin or clip the clasp in place. Once it’s secure, the lanyard is ready to use. You can repeat the steps above each semester, but you’ll likely want to use the same lanyard for school. Using a clasp also prevents the lanyard from unraveling.