How to Tell How Old a Case Knife Is

If you have a Case knife, you may be wondering how to tell how old it is. The answer is pretty simple. The blades of Case knives have a lot of information packed into them. This information is known as the pattern code, and it’s made up of two parts: the logo and the numbers. The logo is used to date the blades since the 1970s. From that time forward, Case began to add a dot to each year, removing a dot for each year.

Often, the Case knife will have a stamp on the tang. These stamps are not only easy to read, but they can also give you an idea of the age of the knife. The tang stamp is the best place to start looking for this information. The long letters are the case tang stamp, and there are five dots above and below the text. If you have a Case knife that has a three-digit date, the tang stamp will be the best place to look.

In addition to the serial number, the tang stamp will also tell you how old the knife is. This number is usually four digits, and has nothing to do with the year of manufacture. The tang stamp will show you the materials that the handle is made of, the number of blades, and the pattern. You can even find a knife that has the same code with a letter. It could be ivory, or an exotic wood. If it’s an older model, it’s most likely a case of counterfeit.