Gerber Strongarm – Reviewing The Features And Advantages

The Gerber Strongarm is a multipurpose, heavy-duty lawn tool that offers a wide range of features to suit just about any lawn-related need. This tool is made of stainless steel and comes in a variety of sizes to best fit the demands of the average home user. There are also several different models of this tool, each designed to meet a specific need.

There is the Original Design, which features an eight-inch handle and includes the feature a glass-filled nylon handpiece for added gripping power. The L.N. model is nearly identical, but it does not include the glass-filled nylon handpiece. This model has a ten-inch handle and a three-pronged grip. The handle is covered in leather for comfort and the prongs that hold the grass clippings, which come in either sharp or dull types, are coated with graphite for durability.

The Standard version of the gerber strongarm has a nine-inch handle and includes the ergonomically design thumb studs. These studs have been designed to help protect the thumbs when gripping tough objects. There is also a two-handled version, which has an eight-inch handle and includes the same thumb studs as the Standard model. This unit also has the convenience of a rubberized grip, which helps with getting the unit into place and out of it when needed. The Ceramic coated handle of the unit offers a durable, gripping surface and keeps the hands from getting hot.

There is also the Professional version, which is the same as the above model, except it has a nylon zipper surrounding the handle. The nylon zipper is intended for easy access to the handle, which can be used to quickly secure the lawn mower into position. The horizontal belt, which runs across the entire length of the blade, has been designed with a hook latch to keep the blades horizontal and in place. This is a very important feature to consider, as a lawn mower can become caught up in high grass and be damaged if the blades are left in the grass. With the hook latch, the blades will remain in place and the user will not be alarmed if they accidentally pull the lawn mower through the grass.

The newest model of the gerber strongarm, the Pro, is identical to the above model, but it has a much longer and thicker handle. This allows the user to place the blade on the blade holder much more comfortably. This also helps to keep the user’s hands comfortable throughout the use of the tool. It has a strong, blunt blade that offers very sharp, safe cutting performance.

The last option is the Survival Knife, which has a leather sheath instead of a metal handle. This allows users to carry the tool in a manner similar to carrying a pocket knife, but the sheath adds an extra layer of protection. The gerber survival knife has an overall quality level that is close to the steel one, and is easy to use and maintain. The knife is available at a number of retailers, and can be purchased directly from gerber.