Smith and Wesson Bullseye Cleaver – Features and Options

The Smith and Wesson Bullseye Cleaver is a single-action, bolt action repeating pistol that was designed by Samuel W. Smith and John J. G. Lanham, Jr. in 1843. The original name for this weapon was the “Bullseye Pistol.” The name was changed to the more popular “Smith and Wesson repeating pistol” during the manufacturer’s later years. There have been other changes made to this repeating pistol such as an enlarged buttstock, a different grip, and the addition of the safety lock.

The Smith and Wesson Bullseye is one of the oldest repeating handguns still in production today. The gun fires off every shot without reloading. To manually reload this firearm requires taking the magazine out, pointing it at the target and manually loading it with bullet. This can be a cumbersome process and many people do not wish to waste time getting the gun loaded or disassembled. For these reasons, the Smith and Wesson repeating pistol was designed to eliminate this need and simplify the process.

Although the Bullseye is a repeating gun, it is different than most. It has a unique characteristic of having its own cocking device that cannot be duplicated on another gun. This feature gives the gun its unique operation and allows it to be used with a variety of different ammunition. Each cartridge is used in succession by cocking the hammer and firing the gun. The gun will then steadily increase in speed, firing one cartridge at a time until the ammunition runs out.

A feature that sets the Smith and Wesson Bullseye apart from other repeating handguns is its interchangeable targeting sight. This is a red fiberglass sight that allows the user to align their sights with the crosshairs on the target. Once this is done, the gun will quickly fire a shot to the pre-determined area. This is an extremely useful feature that makes shooting a breeze.

One interesting feature of the Smith and Wesson Bullseye Cleaver is the blowback design. In blownback design, a blowback coil is used instead of a piston to propel the bullet forward. The coil allows for a higher rate of fire than the piston design. This provides the user with an automatic and consistent firing rate. Because of the increased rate of fire, accuracy is not quite as important with this gun.

Despite its size, the Smith and Wesson Bullseye Cleaver is not a weapon that you would want to use to fight large animals. However, for home defense, it can be a great choice. This compact pistol is a great solution for those who are looking to defend themselves without going to the trouble of buying and carrying an entire rifle.