What You Should Know About Gerber Knives

If there is one company that has made a name for itself over the years it is Gerber knives. Gerber Legendary Blades is an American manufacturer of tools, multi tools, and knives headquartered in Tigard, Oregon, United States. Today, Gerber is part of the Fiskars Group, an American company specializing in the manufacture of tools, apparel, and household and industrial goods. For almost half a century, Gerber has been innovating and manufacturing high-quality, pocket-sized personal protection tools. The quality of these products has been consistently high since their creation in 1953.

One of the most popular Gerber knives is the Fisker D Boone. This multi-purpose tool is made from one of the finest steels available in the United States. The steels used by Gerber include Vitra-Alox (an alloy of aluminum and phosphorous), Magnesium Alciphite (a magnesium-carbonate alloy), and Tantalum (a rare iron metal). In general, USA consumers tend to prefer steels such as Vitra-Alox, Alox, and Tantalum over those made from higher carbon steels.

Not only are Gerber knives well-known for their toughness and durability, but they have also become known for their creativity and superior design. If there is a Gerber multi-tool that every US citizen should own, it is the Fiskars I Infantry series of knives. These knives were designed for both military and civilian use and are made with military-style locking systems. They feature an ergonomic handle fit for comfort and ease of use and come in a number of different models and styles, including models for everyday use and for work. Models for the military include the I Infantry Series II, III, IV, and VI; the top selling model is the Fiskars I Recon II.

The other most popular series features knives specifically for work. Models include the Fiskars Powerweight Series, the Fiskars Tribute Series, and the Fiskars Ultimate Series. Like the Gerber multi-tool, the Fiskars Powerweight series features high compression steel for durability, and the Tribute Series features knives that use specialized blade locks to assist open folding pocket knife sets. The Ultimate Series, in particular, uses a lock to aid open folding pocket knives while still providing efficient deployment.

All three of the Gerber knives discussed above come in many different sizes, including large fixed blade knives, smaller fixed blade knives, medium size folding pocket knives, and smaller folding pocket knives. While many of the knives feature strong blades and use durable high-carbon steel, some models include replaceable blades. All knives in the Gerber knife series feature a patented spring-loaded opening device and a side clip that allow you to easily remove the blade while still keeping it secure in place.

Many of the Gerber knives are made using high-quality stainless steel clip points that work with an epoxy resin on the blade. This allows the blade to rust and be even more effective when used over time. When purchasing Gerber pocket knives make sure they are made using high quality, hardened stainless steel. Make sure also to inquire about the hardness of the steel. Some of the Gerber knives include a diamond-tipped tip for better sharpness and ease of use, but this may increase the chance of damage to you or your clothing should you accidentally pull the knife wrong. Always keep in mind that a Gerber product can be very expensive, so look into what options you have available before you make your purchase.