Gerber Knives Sports – The Story Continues

Gerber knives are famous for many things. Gerber Legendary Blades is an American manufacturer of tools, multi tools, knives, and other essential tools primarily based in Tigard, Oregon, United States. In fact, presently, Gerber is actually a division of Fiskars Group Inc., also of Finland. Today, it is considered one of the most popular brands in tools and equipment for all fields.

There are several models of Gerber knives sport in the market today. Series one consists of the conventional lines, including the traditional pocket clip model, the traditional folding blade model, and also the collet model. Series two includes the models with the traditional pocket clip and folding blade models, as well as the new collet style of blade. The third series consists of the more innovative and contemporary design, which incorporates the aluminum handle into the folding blade and makes it come with a unique, multi-functional clip.

A major feature of Gerber knives is that they employ a conventional, fixed, blade, which is divided into four main parts – the upper portion, the mid-blade, the lower portion, and the butt part. Each of these parts has a definite function, but due to their placement, there is some space left over which may be utilized for storage purposes. In some instances, this space is made use of for adding an additional or separate handle. Typically, each blade has an overall length of about fourteen inches, which is slightly longer than the overall length of about twelve inches possessed by most fixed-blades in the market.

The upper portion of the blade is commonly referred to as the “clip”, which extends upwards towards the tip of the blade. The entire assembly moves downward when cutting or chopping tasks are performed, so this particular portion is usually designed to be tough enough to endure repeated such actions. On the other hand, the mid-blade, which is located beneath the clip, is not only hard but it can also be locked for protection during travel. Meanwhile, the lower portion, which is comprised of a thickly padded handle, along with an offset lip, constitutes the butt portion of the unit and is primarily used for chopping and trimming.

Additionally, the primary distinction among the different series includes the fact that some models include a clip in addition to handles, while others consist of a single-piece blade with a lock mechanism. This lock mechanism is typically composed of a strong spring, which is able to withstand the force exerted by the knife’s cutting edge. All other known types of locking mechanisms have been rendered obsolete by these Gerber knives. In addition, there is another type known as the “power clip”, which consists of a small clip attached to the side of the knife. Although these clips are frequently used for cleaning purposes, they can also be attached to the knife handles for use as pouches or accessory pockets.

All other series are still able to employ powerful opening mechanisms, including two, three, four, five and six inch blades. In most instances, most of the time the larger six-inch blade is utilized for slicing tasks, although a larger knife allows more control when completing intricate tasks. Most models also feature a thumb stud, which is situated in the handle, to assist open folding knives sports. To add versatility to their collection, a majority of models feature a leather scabbard or zipper, which helps protect your favorite knife and provides an easy way to carry the instrument.