Replacing the Blade on a Swiss Army Knife

The Swiss Army knives are some of the most well-known and frequently carried pieces of military equipment around. For many people, having a Swiss army knife around their home is like having an army of cooks ready to help with any food issues that may arise. This makes them an excellent tool for cooks to have. Like other Swiss army knives however, there are plenty of ways to take advantage of the tool. By learning the different ways to open it up, you can keep it in tip top shape and ready for any situation.

A typical action that people will do with their Swiss army knife is flip the blade over to the back. When the blade is turned this way, it will keep its distinctive “hook” shape from having been opened fully. To do this, one needs to either use a flat end or a pin or lever that has been pushed through the teeth of the blade. This is the same “drawing motion” used to close the blade but with a slightly different set of instructions. To close it, simply place the pin or lever in the drawer, grab the blade close to it, and twist.

Another variation on flipping the blade is to flip it sideways. In order to do this, it is first necessary to remove the sheath (if it is still included) from the knife. Next, using a blunt object such as a pen or other concave object, poke holes in the drawer allowing air to flow. Next, using the sharpest tools possible, pierce the “v” inside the “B” of the drawer.

After prying the it out, insert the blunt object into the hole provided, making sure that the hook is completely inserted so that the blade will not be damaged. It is important to ensure that the handle is completely outside of the drawer. Once this is done, turn the blade edge back towards itself by slowly rotating it clockwise. Once the blade has been turned, pull the handle until the blade catches the outside of the drawer. Release the blade and pull the handle again to disengage the handle.

The last of the steps in the reversing sequence should be repeated for each of the drawers, ensuring that all the blades are turned back in the drawer. Now it is time to take apart the pieces of the Swiss army knife. Using a pair of spoons, separate the top from the bottom using pincers. If all of the knives are free of the handles, use the pincers to pull them apart. If the pieces are still attached to the handle, then break them apart using the spoons.

Once the drawers have been separated, wipe the knives on a piece of soft cloth to remove any residual oil or dirt. Place all of the drawers back together, but don’t install the blade assembly yet. Using an adjustable spanner, start to turn the blade assembly towards the drawer with the needle free of the handle. Once the blade assembly has been seated into the drawer, turn the tool back towards the wall and install the hook. Reassemble all of the drawers and replace the blade assembly on the knife.