Fable Blades Offers a Master Sword Replica

A Master Sword replica from the popular Legend of Zelda game series is a great gift idea. These replicas are made of stainless steel and feature beautiful details such as etched runic writing and emblems. The wooden scabbard is beautifully crafted and finished with faux leather. The sword is not only realistic, but also extremely durable. The scabbard also features polished aluminum alloy end-caps.

Although the real swords can cost as much as $14,000, the most expensive ones will usually cost upwards of $3,000. In addition to the Master Sword replica, Fable Blades has also produced one-of-a-kind designs. These are usually made of 9260 Spring Steel and are made to last a lifetime. They are priced around $3,000 and are perfect for collectors. Listed below are some features of a Master Sword replica.

The blade of a Master Sword replica is composed of wood, Styrofoam, and silk floral. This item was inspired by the Breath of the Wild video game. Another master sword replica is made of fiberglass, and is made to resemble the design of the Sword of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It is also available in Dark Link style. In addition to a full-sized metal replica, Fable Blades also offers an authentic-looking one-of-a-kind item.