Can You Take a Pocket Knife in Carry on Suitcase?

Can you take a pocket knife in carry on suitcase? The answer to that question depends on the situation. While many people prefer to carry a pocket blade, it may be prohibited in some countries. If you’re traveling to a Middle Eastern country, you will need to declare the item as a weapon. If you’re flying to a European country, you will need to declare your knife as a tool. If you’re traveling to the US, you must leave the knife with security.

Generally speaking, pocket knives can be taken on board an airplane as long as they are small and not sharp. Butter knives and plastic butter knives are allowed as well. In 2013, TSA repealed the small knife ban on planes, but the Association of Flight Attendants pushed back against the new rules. Unless you’re travelling to a country that doesn’t prohibit carry-on knives, you may want to leave your pocket knife with your loved ones.

As of July 2013, Swiss Army knives are still prohibited on flights. However, they can be carried in checked luggage. While you should avoid carrying a Swiss Army knife in your carry-on bag, you can carry a knife in your handbag. It’s a good idea to wrap the blade securely, as the blade can scratch the suitcase. Also, you should make sure that your knives are unbreakable.