Wholesale Knives Made in USA

Knife makers in the United States have a long and distinguished history. Some of these knives are based on the designs of famous American chefs. Other brands are sourced from other countries, such as Italy or Japan. Some of these knives are extremely strong and have a high tensile strength, while others have low tensile strengths. These factors can be a huge factor in determining the quality of a knife.

If you want a high-quality knife, then it is worth looking at the catalogs of various companies. The Blue Ridge Knives, Inc. catalog has more than 1,800 pages of products to choose from, including knives, swords, sharpeners, flashlights, and Zippo lighters. The company also has a great selection of cutlery, including knives, shears, and more. You can browse through these catalogs to see which brands might appeal to you.

A new brand recently emerged, the James Brand. This popular brand has released its first fixed blade knife, named after a Platte County, Wyoming arrowhead. This USA-made knife features a S35VN steel blade and a canvas Micarta handle. The Hell Gap measures 7.8 inches overall and is perfect for outdoormen who appreciate balance and sharpness. This company also provides sharpeners, flashlights, and Zippo lighters.