What Swiss Army Knife Did MacGyver Use?

While the famous Swiss army knife has been used by a number of movie and TV characters, MacGyver has been credited with using a variety of different models. Despite the many variations, the Tinker Standard was the most common model he used. The show has also made a lot of other Swiss army knives popular as well. In fact, the Tinker is so widely used that it is considered to be one of the most iconic knives in history.

The Tinker model of the Swiss Army Knife is the most commonly used by MacGyver. Several Victorinox and Wenger models were also used by MacGyver on various episodes. The character often used different Swiss army knives depending on the type of tool he was trying to solve. For example, in the Lost Love episode, he used the Sportsman version of the Swiss Army Knife. During the three-part GX-1 episode, he used the Climber model, which he flipped over to open a padlock.

The Victorinox Explorer and Executive models are other popular models. The Sportsman variant was used by MacGyver in the series. In Lost Love, he used a model called the “Sportsman”. The Recruit was also used in a couple of episodes. During the three-part Three for the Road episode, MacGyver used the “Tinker” and “Climber” versions of the Swiss army knife. The Tinker was the most famous model and is the only one in the show that can unlock a huge padlock.