What is the Hook on a Swiss Army Knife For?

The Swiss Army knife has a hook on the blade. It is often used to pick up a parcel. The knife is often carried with the hook facing down, preventing it from cutting your fingers. It can also be used as a fishing lure or as a plumb bob. It is also useful for pulling thread through a tight spot. The Swiss Army knife hook is very useful for a number of purposes.

The parcel hook is a unique feature on the Victorinox Swiss Army knives. It was first introduced in 1991 and has a variety of different uses. The hook can be used to carry a parcel, a fishing lure, or even to pull a thread through a tight spot. In some cases, it is used to cut string. It is also useful for packaging.

The parcel hook is the most famous feature of the Swiss Army knife. It was introduced in 1991 by Victorinox and is rated for 200 pounds. The knives come with more than a dozen different tools, including the standard large blade, a nail file, tweezers, and a bottle opener. The larger models have a regular screwdriver, a bottle opener, awl, and corkscrew.