What Are Knife Sharpeners Made Of?

Knife sharpeners are made from various materials. Some are steel while others are coated with diamond dust. A few also contain ceramic rods and can be less aggressive than steel. If you’re new to sharpening knives, a steel rod is the best option. You’ll want to make sure it’s made of high-carbon steel, which is hard and durable. However, ceramics are more expensive and will wear out quickly, so you’ll need to do this only occasionally.

There are also electric and hand-held versions. A sharpening stone has a flat surface that can help you sharpen dull knives. When using a stone, you should hold the blade perpendicular to the surface. You can also use it to sharpen scissors and razors. Some stones even have videos showing you how to use them. Fortunately, knives can be sharpened without a stone.

A steel sharpening stone is another option. This material is a cylinder that is hardened and polished. It is used to realign the edge of a knife. It’s similar to honing stones, and you can choose between a steel and a diamond blade if you don’t have a diamond-like steel blade. The sharpening steel is best for carbon-steel knives.