Are Gravity Knives Legal in Texas?

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In Texas, the laws regarding carry of knives are not as strict as those regarding gravity knives, so you may ask are gravity knives legal in Texas? In general, knives with blades over 5.5 inches are still illegal for carrying in most places, including airports, amusement parks, churches, and places of worship. As a result, these knives are not legal for use in a home or as a self-defense tool. Here’s what you need to know to carry your knife legally.

Is Carrying Gravity Knives Legal in Texas?

Things to consider:

  1. Location-restricted knives
  2. Dirks
  3. Switchblades
  4. Confederate flag knuckle knife
  5. Disguised knives
  6. Switchblade sheaths
  7. Automatic spring release sheaths


are gravity knives legal in texas

Location-restricted knives

In Texas, ‘location-restricted knives’ are blades longer than five and a half inches. This definition covers throwing stars, dirks, stilettos, bowie knives, and swords. This classification doesn’t cover switchable knives, pocketknives, or butterfly knives. As long as you aren’t in the state to carry one of these knives, you’re fine.

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Regardless of whether you are a felony felon or not, you are free to own and carry a knife. However, it is illegal to carry a knife with a spring or that has a blade that deploys out of the handle. The same goes for concealed carry of a dagger or a dirk. However, if you are carrying one of these items for personal defense purposes, then it is legal to do so.

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While switchblades have been illegal since the late ’60s, the state of Texas recently changed the law to make them legal. The law, House Bill 1935, removed the illegal knife category and made it legal to carry a knife with a blade over five inches. The state law preempts local laws. Moreover, switchblades are legal in Texas, so you can carry one with confidence. However, you have to be aware of where you can carry a switchblade.

Confederate flag knuckle knife

Is it legal to carry a Confederate flag knuckle knife in Texas? That’s a question that has plagued the Confederate Flag Knife Project, a nonprofit group dedicated to the legalization of the Confederate flag knuckle knife. Sparks left his gun at home and was arrested after a Royse City police officer pointed out that he was carrying a Confederate flag knuckle knife. He was arrested and booked into Rockwall County jail, but posted $1,000 bail the following day.

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Disguised knives

While carrying a concealed weapon is not illegal in Texas, you may be wondering if you’re actually allowed to own one. The answer to this question depends on what you’re carrying with you. Fixed blade knives and pocket knives are generally legal to carry in Texas, provided the blade is shorter than five inches. As long as you’re not carrying a long blade, you can carry it anywhere. Disguised gravity knives, on the other hand, are not legal to carry.

Switchblade sheaths

switchblade sheaths for gravity knives

Despite recent changes in Texas law, switchblade sheaths for gravity knives and Bowie knives are still illegal in the state. Texas also prohibits the carrying of knives with 5.5-inch blades or longer in certain locations, including airports, amusement parks, churches, correctional facilities, and places of worship. As such, switchblade sheaths for gravity knives are legal in Texas.

Automatic spring release sheaths

The laws regarding the possession of automatic spring release sheaths for gravity knives in Texas are often vague, with the exception of the Unlawful Carry Weapons Act. These laws apply only to gravity knives, however, and other types of knives are generally not considered illegal under Texas law. Automatic spring release sheaths are designed to retract the knife’s blade into a handle when pressure is applied to the handle. They then automatically open the knife’s blade through the force of gravity and centrifugal force.