The Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight Folding Knife Review

We’ve taken a look at the Spyderco Native 5 and Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight and examined the knives’ lock designs, stainless steel blades, and lock design. We’ll also discuss the new CTS-BD1N blade that Spyderco has recently introduced. Read on to learn more about these new Spyderco knives. Weigh in at only 2.6 ounces, the Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight is a small, but impressive blade.

spyderco para 3 lightweight scales

Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight

The lightweight construction of the Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight scale allows for nearly 30 percent weight savings over the original model. FRN scales are used in the Para 3 Lightweight. The scales’ bi-directional texturing provides a secure grip. Compression locks nest underneath the front scale. The knife’s stainless steel blade and lockbar boast high carbon and nitrogen content for balance and strength. The Para 3 Lightweight scales also feature a molded threaded insert.

For installation, you’ll need basic tools and knowledge of electronic instruments. You’ll need a high-quality torx bit set for screws and pivots. A video can help you get started. Because there are so many small parts, taking apart the Spyderco Para 3 isn’t recommended unless you’re a professional or have access to a shop. Also, attempting to disassemble the scale yourself may void your warranty.

Spyderco Native 5

The Spyderco Native 5 Lightweight has a satin M4 steel blade and Mint Green FRN scales. The Native series is known for its excellent ergonomics and excellent build quality. The Native 5 is designed to allow you to choose between two different grip styles, offering the ultimate in leverage and control. With a back-lock system and strong lockback, the Native 5 is ready for the job.

spyderco native 5

One of the biggest differences between the Native 5 and its competitors is the handle. The Native 5 is made with a deep carry paperclip design, which is similar to the handles of many $20 Chinese production knives. This means that you won’t have to deal with the full-size pocket clip when carrying your knife. The Native 5 is also very durable, and it’s easy to maintain and sharp. The Spyderco Native 5 weighs 2.7 oz.

Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight’s lock design

The lock design on the Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight is unique in many ways. The knife’s leaf-shaped lock is easy to open and close, and the blade’s point is super strong. It has a slightly raised belly, which is perfect for slicing, and an oversized thumb hole. The Spyderco Para 3 is made in Golden, Colorado. We tested it ourselves to see what we thought.

lock design


The Para 3 Lightweight’s lock design is also innovative, combining textured FRN scales with a lockbar insert. The lockbar insert wedges between the blade and the stop pin when it’s in the open position. This feature makes it ideal for fidgety users, but it does mean that you won’t be able to open your blade if you’re holding it at an angle.

Spyderco’s new CTS-BD1N stainless steel blade

The Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight has a compact design that makes it 30 percent lighter than other similar-sized folding knives. It features an open-backed construction with high-traction Bi-Directional Texture and a stainless steel lock bar, inset into the handle’s interior. A nitrogen-enriched high-carbon chromium steel blade (CTS-BD1N) provides superior edge retention and corrosion resistance.


CTS BD1N stainless steel blade



This knife has a high-quality CTS-BD1N stainless steel blade with a satin finish. The CTS-BD1N steel has a CTS-BD1N hardness of 60-63HRC, and is complemented by a textured black FRN handle. The blade also has a notch for a lanyard or other accessory, making it an excellent choice for tip-up carry.

Spyderco’s maroon linen micarta scales

RC BladeWorks‘ maroon linen micarta lightweight scale kit is a great replacement for factory G10 scales. Made in the USA, these scales feature a smooth surface and a comfortable grip area. Customizing your Spyderco with these lightweight scales is an excellent option for serious bladesmiths. Just be sure to consult Spyderco’s warranty prior to installation, as doing so may void your warranty.

spyderco para 3 lightweight scales

The Spyderco Para 3 knife is a great value at $82 and comes with a 92″ stainless steel blade, FRN handle, and maroon linen micarta PC. For a small additional cost, you can purchase replacement micarta scales in Worn Blue Denim or Maroon linen. These knives also have a stainless steel or titanium blade, as well as a pocket clip.