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Owning an Awesome Stainless Steel Pocket Knife Today

This awesome stainless steel pocket knife will stir your passion for the outdoor or bring out the hunter in you just by owning one. With all the different knife blades out there or the many brands of knives, this is really a gentleman’s knife and I say that tongue in cheek. You know some of us feel that you can’t be a survivalist or a lover of the outdoors and be a gentleman but I beg to disagree.

(If you don’t have the time to read more and just want to see this MTech Ballistic or other stainless steel pocket knives go here now).

stainless steel pocket knife As I was saying, if you respect your environment and those around you, provide for your family, obey the law and love your old buck knives (I owned some, a long time ago in my life, even had some custom buck knives) them step up gentleman.

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What I love about this MTech Spring Assisted Knife is it beauty and ease of use. It is has a black blade and a black aluminium handle with a clip.

Now before you roll your eyes in consternation and crucify me for not knowing the difference between aluminium and steel, let me say that although the discussion is about a stainless steel pocket knife, there is no harm in including or loving this knife.

As a matter of fact if you check below or here for the specs and reviews, you will see that it has 3.5-inch, 3mm thick, half serrated, black stainless steel blade.

In addition it measures 4.75 inches closed and the black aluminum handle also has a glass breaker and seat belt cutter which will surely help in any rescue situation and it is a very easy and safe EDC blade with its black pocket clip. How functional is it? You may ask. I will tell you that it is very functional with a blade that once it is deployed locks securely into place with its liner lock. and remember this knife is from M-Tech USA Ballistic.

Here are the listed specs for the knife:

1. Material: Stainless Steel
2. Type: Pocket Knives
3. Color: Black
4. Dimensions: 5.38×2.13×0.88

Now for another affordable alternative but sticking with the same brand, how about this futuristic looking beauty. Though this may not make the grade of a high quality or the much vaunted Swiss army knife or other tactical knife, it’s a beauty imho.

mtech ballistic pocket knife

The specs:

** Limited Edition Blue Blade
** Blue Ti-coated Half Serrated Stainless Steel Blade
** Tactical Rescue, Quick Open, Pocket Design Folding Knife, with Cord Cutter & Glass Breaker
** Black Handle

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Now for the purist out there here is an all steel knife made from the best knife steel available for that price. It is the Spyderco Byrd Robin2 SS SpyderEdge folding knife with a lockback blade. Now back in the day it was harder to deploy a knife and the locking mechanism was basic. Not so nowadays.I just love the way that manufacturers are making these blades nowadays and some like Maxam pocket knives and Berger are really cranking out exceptional looking EDC knives.

I had a good look at a Maxam lockback pocket knife the other day and was very impressed with how beautiful it was and was impressed with how easy it was to use and how comfortable it felt. Top marks to Maxam.

Spyderco Byrd Robin2 SS SpyderEdge

All blade steel folding knife
Now getting back to the Spyderco Byrd knife see specs and reviews this is a good buy for those of you looking for one of the best stainless steel pocket knife around at a reasonable price. This blades in my opinion is a very good choice.

It is a folding knife with full flat-ground blade made of high-carbon 8Cr13MoV stainless steel with comet-shaped hole for fast and easy one-handed opening.

A more detailed look at its specs would show a 5.7-inch opening length and 3.3-inch closed length; additionally there is a 2.4-inch 8Cr13MoV steel blade with a 1.875-inch cutting edge, a 0.4-inch hole, with a 0.09-inch thickness.

It is fairly lightweight and comfortable at 3.2-ounce in weight with a stainless steel handle. It is also reasonably priced in my opinion… click here for full specs and reviews.

Youtube stainless steel knife video

Now that’s my take on a good stainless steel pocket knife and I will encourage you to have a look at our chart to see some other beautiful knives.

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