Shun Kitchen Knives

If you want to buy a good kitchen knife, you should consider buying a Shun knife. The brand belongs to the KAI Group, which is based in Tokyo, Japan. The company, which is now headquartered in Tualatin, Oregon, sells these kitchen knives alongside other well-known brands like Kershaw and Zero Tolerance. It has won several awards for its quality and design and is a popular choice for many cooks.

Shun knives are very hard to maintain. Using traditional sword-making techniques, Shun knives are made with a Kasumi construction, which means that a core of hard steel is covered with a softer steel. The combination of hard and softer steel creates an extremely sharp edge. For this reason, it is important to keep a proper cleaning schedule for a Shun knife. You should wash and dry your blades immediately after each use.

Shun knives are also highly recommended for people with a strict dietary restriction. They are made of high-performance steel and are suitable for most types of food. They are shaped with a 16-degree cutting edge. The tang is made to be as flexible as possible to allow you to cut foods efficiently. These knives have an excellent edge that will make your work much easier. This means that you can cut through a variety of foods with ease.

The Shun Kanso collection is made of Tagayasan-wood handles and is a popular choice for many people. This range is ergonomic and has an ultra-fine grained design. The hickory-wood handles are a great choice for a more casual or elegant look. The Premier line includes walnut PakkaWood handles and is made of hammered steel, which gives it a classic look.

While the Dual Core series is designed for experienced users, these knives are not suitable for beginners. The dual core series is designed to be used by a professional chef. Its razor-sharp blade is not a beginner’s knife. Only an experienced chef should use this type of knife. However, if you’re looking for a professional-grade Shun knife, you can purchase one that is specifically made for the purpose.

Shun knives are known for their hardness. This is achieved through the process of making these Japanese knives. Unlike traditional knives, the blades are hand-hammered. As a result, the edge is razor-sharp. The handles of Shun knives are made of Pakkawood, a genuine hardwood that’s water-resistant. They are durable and do not rust, but may develop a layering effect over time.

The Shun Premier set features two-position handles and hammer-finished blades. The blades are crafted with VG-MAX steel and a wavy line called hamon. These knives have a hand-hammered finish, which cuts food easily without sticking to the blade. The hammer-finished blades are not only beautiful to look at, but also durable. In fact, they are also NSF-certified for commercial use.