Serrated Vs Plain Edge Kitchen Knives

Serrated vs plain edge kitchen knives are very similar in appearance. However, they are different in their purpose and function. While plain edge knives are better suited to chopping fruit and vegetables, they are not ideal for chopping vegetables or hard materials. The plain edge blade is more useful for carving, as it offers more precision. But the serrated blade is much more versatile and works well for cutting meat, fish, and whole loaves.

Serrated blades are designed to make a smooth cut on delicate foods, such as mushrooms and cheese. They have hollow glutes that rarely make contact with the ceramic plate, keeping the knife sharp for a long time. By contrast, plain edges thump on the ceramic surface with the full edge, causing the blade’s edge to dull and flatten. For most purposes, the plain edge is the best choice.

Serrated blades can be better for slicing or sawing. You can use them for both, but plain-edge knives are more versatile. The serrated edge is better for pushing cuts and dragging. And it can be better for cutting vegetables and fruits. Those two uses are very different from each other. So which one is best for you? Read on to find out. Choosing Between Plain Edge and Serrated Blade