Selecting a Great Japanese Kitchen Knife

Amongst the many kitchen knife brands, Santoku has carved a niche for itself in the competitive field of kitchen knives. With its traditional blade and traditional handle design, Santoku has carved a niche for itself as the brand of choice for professional chefs. Its popularity has led to its expanding range of professional tools, accessories and even its very own television series. Now, you can get to know more about Santoku knives and their amazing blades. Read on

Highest Quality knife brands: This is perhaps the most important fact about any kitchen knives – the better the quality of the knives, the more expensive they get. However, there is no upper limit to the price of kitchen knives. Top Rated Kitchen Knives comparison table presented below lists the highest quality kitchen knives based on their rating. These are the highest rated brands of each category.

J.A. Henckelsl (Swiss army knives brand) – This is the best kitchen knife brands you should be looking for. It is the ultimate utility knife having Santoku blade with the patented sharpening method. It also includes the traditional switch cutters and belt clips.

W.Dunn & Company – It is one of the oldest kitchen knife brands in the world. It offers professional cutlery and a variety of cutlery accessories such as bread knives and steak knives. Its collection of accessories is expansive. It also manufactures corkscrews, bottle openers and wine corkers.

Wusthof – This is the best Japanese kitchen knife brands you should consider when shopping for Japanese kitchen cutlery. Its Japanese steel blades are made using high quality steel and then it is decorated with handle decor and shape. They come with a traditional style which makes them a favorite of chefs. These kitchen knives are available with different blade lengths so that you can choose the right size for your cooking needs.

Wusthof, Kershaw and Japanese style are some of the best kitchen knife brands available. While these brands are great, some others you might want to consider are: Zwilling J.A. Henckelsl, W.Dunn & Company, Sanwa Aikido and Cuisinart. Of these, Zwilling J.A. Henckelsl and W.Dunn & Company are more suitable for professional chefs, while Sanwa Aikido and Cuisinart are great for everyday use. If you’re looking for a good deal on the best Japanese kitchen knives, then you should consider shopping online. It’s easier and less time consuming and you’ll get better quality for your money.