Gerber’s Strongarm 5 Star Review – How Well Does it Hold Up?

The Gerber brand has long been known for its innovative and high quality tools, such as the mighty Swiss army knife. However, nothing compares to the powerful Gerber Strongarm knife, which is more than capable of doing it all, from cleaning tackle, to opening cans, to carving firewood. This incredible tool doesn’t just do one thing well; it does it well, and then some. This article will give you the lowdown on this wonderful new knife and what it can do for you. So, let’s get started.

The Gerber Strongarm II is a lightweight fixed blade knife that comes with a full tang and includes a nylon sheath for safe and convenient transportation. This product was designed for use by outdoorsmen who like to go into nature, whether for sports, self-defense or just to get away from it all. Every serious outdoorman deserves to own a sharp and ferocious knife because after all, the outing should be enjoyable without added work.

It comes in many different sizes and designs, so no matter what your needs are, you should be able to find something that suits you perfectly. To make it easy to choose, there are separate handles made of Gerberica glass that you can interchange to change the way you carry the knife. This way you always have the style and look you want, no matter which way you decide to carry it. You also get an adjustable clip, so you can easily carry it on your belt or waistband.

The handle is made of high quality material, including high-grade stainless steel for a long lasting handle. The design of the Gerber Strongarm is very ergonomic, with an overall grip handle that provides a lot of grip and leverage to help with knife action. A lip holder allows you to keep the knife at an optimal angle while out in the field.

The knife itself has a one piece handle and a rubber overmold on the back. This allows you to easily carry and manage the knife without the need to insert a lot of screws into your sheath. If you plan to use the Gerber Strongarm in dry conditions, then the rubber overmold may not work as well, but for wet conditions, this rubber overmold does a great job of providing support. I also like the sheath for protection against weather and abrasion.

There are many more models available from Gerber, such as the XLR-Gerrystrips, Gerber Strongarm Hilt, and the XLR-Gerrystrips Plus. However, the main difference between these models is the size and how the knives are held and carried. For small to medium size pocket knives, the Strongarm is a great choice since it offers all of the functionality of other models, but with a little added durability. And for larger knives, such as the Tang Four Seasons, the horizontal belt clip is a much better choice since it allows the blade to hang straight when opening the handle all the way, which helps keep the entire handle and the blade locked together.