My Opinion on the Ergo Chef CRIMSON Knives Review

My intention is not to go into the detail of the review, as there are many reviews on the Internet, but I want to point out the features of this unique looking knife. This is my favorite chef knife, and I use it every day in the kitchen. Here are the features of the Ergo Chef CRIMSON knives that make this such a great product. This small, compact utility knife has a high polished, ergonomic, diamond cast, high carbon German knife with a 10 inch handle. The G10 handle is a very strong, rugged fiberglass molded ergonomically designed handle for a naturally balanced hand.

The blade has been precision engineered for speed, power, and versatility. It has the ideal length for slicing, chiseling, or just getting the edge on your foods. The handle has been textured for grip and comfort and is made from tough, durable steel to help you get more use out of it. The blade has been finished and sealed to give you the ultimate in corrosion resistance.

The knife itself is rather small, but it packs a powerful punch. I love opening up this little package and feeling the knife work in my hands. The ergonomic design of the handle and blade are comfortable while eating dinner, and the blade locks in place for a solid, sharp cut. This is one of my favorites because of the innovative way it cuts. The price is great too, and I am very happy that I got my money’s worth.