How to Engrave a Knife

Laser engraving is a popular way to customize a knife. It allows you to engrave a name, initials, or even an image on the blade. This process works best on lighter-colored wood handles. After the engraving is done, the knife will not be returned. You can order a custom laser-engraved blade from a knife shop or a professional engraver. The engraving will remain on the blade and handle for years.

A fiber laser marking machine can mark permanent patterns, text, and dates on knives. This method is much faster than mechanical engraving and is also better for most types of metals. Most knife-makers use the machines for this purpose, which usually have a high-powered lens. The blades of these laser-engraving machines are made from stainless steel and high-quality materials such as carbon. The knives are made with an engraved pattern using a special technique known as sandblasting.

A laser-engraving machine can mark knives in permanent patterns. You can engrave knives with text or patterns on both the blade and handle using the laser. A laser engraving machine will engrave most metals and last for many years. However, it is best to use a laser engraving machine if you want to personalize your knife. Once you get used to the process, you’ll be ready to sell the knife!