How to Close a TAC Force Knife

Whether you are a novice or an experienced knife user, knowing how to close a TAC Force knife is essential to ensure its safety and functionality. The TAC Force knives have a comfortable handle, sharp blades, and smooth locks. The key to closing a TAC Force knife is to use your thumb and index finger to lower the blade and close the knife. Many models feature a spring-loaded locking mechanism that extends out of the handle.

There are two ways to close a TAC Force knife. First, you can close the blade with your thumb. Alternatively, you can close the blade by pressing the cutout with your other hand. With a frame lock mechanism, you press the blade against the milled-out handle part. The spring-less design means you don’t have to touch the blade to close the knife. This feature is great for people who aren’t as adept at sharpening their own knives, but may be a great option if you want to practice your skills and stay legal.

The next step is to learn how to close a TAC Force knife with both hands. If you are trying to use only one hand, be aware that your index finger may accidentally hit your thumb during the folding process. Using both hands will save you from this problem. If you are using one hand to close a TAC Force knife, you may need to adjust the spring to prevent the blade from hitting your thumb. Remember that the spring mechanism in different models is different so it’s important to practice both hands when closing the blade.