How to Carry Your Pocket Knife in Checked Bags Without Wearing a Necklace

One of the most common problems that travelers face when traveling is the inability to take their beloved pocket knives with them no matter where they are going. This is because many travelers do not want to risk the possibility of losing a valuable pocket knife in their luggage, so they insist on keeping it in one place where it will be safe from theft or at least under lock and key. While this policy makes perfect sense, there are some travelers who do not realize that some airlines charge extra for carrying knives in checked baggage. The good news is that there are ways for you to get your beloved pocket knives with you on an airline travel without the risk of paying an arm and a leg.

One of the best ways to get your favorite pocket knives on an airplane is to use the same type of identification as you normally do when buying most other goods. For instance, if you normally pack a Swiss army knife, you can bring it onto an airplane as long as you have the correct knife with you. You should check with your airline to find out exactly which type of identification is required to carry Swiss army knives on a plane. Some companies will require you to show proof of your ID through another form like a driver’s license or passport.

One of the other ways that you can take your pocket knives on an airplane easily is to purchase a small bag that has a number of compartment for holding small items. This type of bag will allow you to put your Swiss army knife or any other type of multifunction knife that you normally would in your wallet or on your belt. These types of bags come with multiple pockets in different locations so that you can easily place your Swiss army knife, cell phone, and other items in different areas. It is important that you have enough pockets on the bag in order to avoid having to repeatedly open your bag in order to find the items you need.