Gutting a Deer With a Gut Hook

Gutting a deer with a gut hook is, for most hunters, one of the most difficult hunts they will ever attempt. It takes a lot of practice, skill, and luck to pull this off successfully and with any degree of success. This method of gutting a deer is more difficult than gutting a deer with a antlers hook, because the antlers are not exposed and therefore, pose a greater threat of infection. If the antlers are exposed, the risk of an antler puncture increases dramatically and therefore, requires more patience and time from the hunter.

When the antlers are not in need of killing and the deer are calm, the best approach to gutting a deer with a hook is to carefully inspect them and find out what is inside of them. The first step is to gently open the antlers using a pair of clean fingers. Look inside and see if there are any foreign bodies, such as dried blood, broken bones, or other materials that can cause additional problems and make removing the antlers more complicated. Some antlers can be removed easily, while others, especially the bigger ones, may require more time and effort to gut. Make sure that you understand the specific requirements for each type of antler before you attempt gutting a deer with a hook.

Once the antlers are ready, take them off the deer. These should then be cleaned thoroughly and any remaining dirt and blood properly cleaned before being returned to the deer. Make sure that antlers are cleaned in the right order, with the smaller ones being placed on top of the larger ones. Once all antlers are properly cleaned and any remaining dirt is properly removed, the next step is to secure the antlers with a clean clothe and leather tool. The antlers should then be attached to the tool with pliers or hooks.