Gerber Fastball Pocket Knife Review

The Gerber Fastball is an excellent all-round utility knife that comes in a variety of colors and designs. It has a 3″ blade and measures about 7″ in overall length. Its blackwashed black handle and stainless steel blade contain the stainless steel ball bearings. Both models have a 0.75″ width at the handles and are made with aluminum scales for a smooth and sturdy grip. Compared to other utility knives, the Fastball has a better grip and a superior level of performance.

The Gerber Fastball is a 100% American-made pocket knife. It has an aluminum handle scale and a CPM-S30V blade. The blade is a very sharp point, which cuts cleanly and reliably. While the Fastball has a hefty $105 MSRP, it sells for about $80 at BladeHQ. Compared to some of its competition, the Fastball is only $20 more than the standard Kershaw Leek. It also uses cheaper materials, like 410 stainless handle scales and Sandvik 14c28N blade steel.

The Gerber Fastball is a great choice for an all-around pocket knife. The CPM-S30V blade is very durable and is a great value. The aluminum handle scales will not get dented or chipped over time, and it is a good choice for use in rough conditions. This is a good all-around pocket knife. A sturdy blade is important for everyday carry. And the Fastball is made of high-quality materials. The Gerber Fastball also has a lifetime warranty.

If you’re in the market for a new pocket knife, the Gerber Fastball may be the best option. Its $105 MSRP is less than $40 at BladeHQ. It will compete with Spyderco and Kershaw but is also worth checking out. The Gerber Fastball has a lot of benefits, but it’s not perfect. The Gerber Fastball is a good all-around pocket knife.

The Gerber Fastball is a great option for everyday use. It is a 100%-USA-made pocket knife, and it has a textured CPM-S30V blade. It is also equipped with an aluminum handle scale. The overall weight is only 8.5g, which is a little less than a traditional folding knife. It is still a great choice for every day carry and outdoor activities. If you’re in the market for a good pocket knife, it is well worth the investment.

The Gerber Fastball is an excellent choice for everyday carry. Its price is competitive with many other pocket knives in its class. Its price is just right at $85. While it’s not cheap, the Gerber Fastball is well-worth the purchase. The knife has a CPM-S30V blade, and the handle scales are made of aluminum. This means that this pocket knife is 100% USA-made, and it features a CPM-S30V blade.